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Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling

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Fitness Coaching and Nutritional Therapy

Customized Fitness Programs to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Hi, I’m Jessica Braadt

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Partner with Changes Nutritional Therapy, Fitness and Wellness Center for Personal Training in Staten Island (SI), NYC, NY to transform how you feel and look. We offer in person sessions in Staten Island, NY, Middlesex and Freehold, NJ, and virtual sessions. Contact us for details.

Jessica Braadt, founder and proprietor of Changes, established in 1997, has offered nutritional counseling for over 20 years and has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2001. We will arrange a weight loss program that combines a personal fitness exercise routine with a certified personal trainer and proper nutrition. 


We are here to help you with your physical fitness goals, motivate, and to support you in your effort to lose fat, gain muscle, and increase your energy level.

Our nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Jessica Braadt, is dedicated to help you lose weight, gain body strength, and enhance your fitness level.

Learn the benefits of good nutrition and exercise. Increase your fitness by making healthier food choices and developing healthy eating habits that will last.

Purchase healthy prepackaged meals, diet-specific foods, and customized meals to help you eat better. Order online or give us a call. Food delivery is available.


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With proper nutrition, personal training, and diet specific foods, you can lose fat, gain muscle, and get more toned. Create a personalized program that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our certified personal trainer will motivate you and help manage your weight loss goals.


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