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Wondering Why You're Not Losing Weight ? Write It Down!!

It's been three weeks and you think you're eating well but you haven't lost a pound! Mind boggling I know, but here is the answer, write everything you eat down! Why ? It will help you understand your eating patterns and habits. Unfortunately we live in a high stressed world and food is a comfort. We unconsciosly eat while multitasking through our day. A food log can allow you to see your patterns and where you need to make improvements. Meal skipping or missing food groups is also a common mistake. This can cause low blood sugar and poor choices later in the day. When you have upcoming affairs you can monitor your daytime eating and plan accordingly when you log in a food journal. Today there are many apps for recording food intake a few of my top picks are My Fitness Pal, Lose It, and Fooducate. These applications allow you to view caloric intake and macronutrients , They calculate energy expenditure and some even show nutrient content of foods. At Changes we provide log sheets to list your macros and account for how many you consume per day. Wemake sure its balanced properly in the right portions and have you send your journal daily. Accountability is everything, give i a try!

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